Academic Schedules

Current Events and Deadlines

The Registrar's Office is the place to find current events and deadlines.  

Detailed Calendar for This Academic Year

A detailed calendar for this academic year may be found in the Harvard College Handbook for Students.  

Ten-Year Academic Calendar

The ten-year calendar offers a long-term outlook.

A Note About Final Assignment Due Dates

In Spring 2014, the Faculty approved new guidelines surrounding the reading and final exam periods each semester.  The purpose of these guidelines -- that final assignments must be turned in on the course's final exam date or earlier, but not before the fourth day of Reading Period -- is to distribute student work more evenly across the final exam period.  We hope that faculty will adhere to the spirit of this new legislation, by confirming due dates that fall between the fourth day of reading period and your course's final exam date.  Please contact if you have questions about appropriate due dates for final projects.  

The Registrar's Office maintains academic schedules for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.