Concurrent Master's Program Overview

Students have the opportunity to apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for a master's degree pursued concurrently with the bachelor's degree. As part of the concurrent degree program, students will be allowed to double-count up to sixteen credits (normally, four courses) for the Bachelor of Arts and either the Master of Arts or the Master of Science. Courses are submitted for allocation toward one degree or both degrees on the Concurrent Master's Course Allocation Form This form is submitted once in a student's eighth term no later then the 5th Monday. 

An undergraduate pursuing the concurrent degree must complete both of these degrees by the end of eight terms of residency, or the equivalent. Students wishing to pursue this option may consult the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for a list of departments that allow it.

Students (who entered the college before 2020) who are not eligible for Advanced Standing will have the opportunity to apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for a master’s degree pursued concurrently with the bachelor’s degree.*

Students apply to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences by December of their third year. Detailed information about how to apply can be found on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.  A supplemental form will also be required to be included with the application. Students should check with individual departments for deadlines and application requirements. Admission is often quite competitive and the programs are very rigorous. Most departments require eight graduate level courses with a minimum grade of B for the master's degree. Successful AB/AM or SM candidates receive both their bachelor's and master's degrees at the end of the fourth year. They continue to live in their Houses and register as undergraduates, even though their fourth year programs are devoted mainly to graduate study.Not all departments offer the master's degree as part of the AB/AM or SM program. Departments that do participate in the program are as follows: Applied Math, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Computational Science & Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences (including Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, and Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering), GermanMathematics, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Physics, Regional Studies--East Asia, Regional Studies--Middle East, Regional Studies--Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, and Statistics.  Students interested in these programs should contact the departments directly for guidance and advising.

*Students admitted to the College prior to 2020 who were eligible for Advanced Standing will be allowed to apply for and pursue the fourth-year master’s degree in accordance with the rules for Advanced Standing or may petition to pursue the master’s degree through the Concurrent Program. Students interested in submitting a petition should write to Please include an explanation about your preference to pursue the Concurrent Master's Degree instead of the fourth-year master’s program through Advanced Standing. 



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