Harvard recognizes the significant amounts of advanced work many entering students have done while in secondary school in the following ways:

  1. Placement Recommendations - Harvard makes recommendations for courses appropriate for a student's background based on results of AP, IB, SAT II, and placement exams. Students with stronger preparation in a language, math, or science, for example, will be recommended for placement in more challenging classes. For more information about placement, visit the Placement Exams website.

  2. Requirements - Students may be allowed to use an AP exam score or IB higher level to fulfill the language requirement or to begin work in a concentration at a more advanced level. 

  3. Advanced Standing - Students with a full year’s worth of advanced work—documented by AP exams, an IB diploma, or certain other international credentials—may be eligible to petition for Advanced Standing. The College grants 32 Harvard credits, the equivalent of a year of study, to those students who activate Advanced Standing.