Please be advised that information regarding Advanced Standing applies to students who entered Harvard College prior to Fall 2020.  

Students who decide to pursue Advanced Standing must fulfill both College and concentration requirements regardless of whether the student plans to graduate in six or seven terms or pursue a master's degree. Ordinarily, a Harvard undergraduate must complete 32 courses or 128 credits for a bachelor's degree. Advanced Standing students planning to graduate in six terms, or who pursue a fourth year master's degree, will receive 32 credits toward the degree and will therefore be required to complete 96 credits. Advanced Standing students who plan to graduate in seven terms will receive 16 credits toward the bachelor's degree and will therefore be required to complete 112 credits.

No Advanced Standing student may repeat for credit at Harvard a course for which he or she has received equivalent credit through Advanced Standing.

Advanced Standing students ordinarily complete the minimum requirements for a degree in three years. Generally they are expected to follow the normal course of study within their concentrations; that is, when appropriate, to enroll in sophomore tutorial during their first year and in junior tutorial in their second year, if they are honors candidates.

Harvard has a two-year residency requirement, so Advanced Standing does not preclude studying abroad. Students who wish to study out of residence and still graduate in three years may petition for credit for work done out of residence through the Office of International Programs. Advanced Standing students hoping to study abroad should consult with the Office of International Education early in their first year, as study in a foreign country often requires language preparation and planning ahead.

Accepting Advanced Standing does not exempt students from any of the degree requirements, such as the foreign language requirement or expository writing. Students must complete all General Education requirements.