Simultaneous Enrollment

The Faculty believes that active engagement in a classroom setting is essential to learning. Therefore, students may not enroll in courses that meet at the same time or at overlapping times, except in two cases:

1.  When one of the two courses has been granted a waiver from the Administrative Board petition process by a subcommittee of the Standing Committee on Undergraduate Educational Policy (EPC).  Faculty may request a waiver for their courses by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Education

                   Fall 2022:

  • CS 50 Introduction to Computer Science 
  • Econ 10 A and B Principles of Economics
  • Econ 1017, A Libertarian Approach to Social and Economic Policy
  • Stat 110 Introduction to Probability
  • CS 61 Systems Programming and Machine Organization
  • CS 121 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
  • CS 222 Algorithms at the End of the Wire

2.  When the student has received permission from the heads of both courses and approval from the Administrative Board to enroll in the two courses simultaneously. The Administrative Board will consider exceptions to the rule only if the instructors in both overlapping courses agree and only in one or more of the following circumstances:

A. When the head of the course where class time is being missed and the person(s) providing the instruction during the regular class meeting agree to provide hour-for-hour direct and personal compensatory instruction. Availability during regular office hours or time with a different person does not satisfy the requirement for direct and personal contact. The Administrative Board will require detailed plans for compensatory instruction from students receiving the instruction and from the faculty providing instruction. Recordings are not considered compensatory instruction. Plans for simultaneous enrollment must include explicit arrangement for students to take hourly and midterm exams, quizzes, and other in-class assessments. Conflicts between Registrar-scheduled final exams will be resolved by the Registrar.

B. When a senior can meet degree requirements only by taking the two particular courses in question and will have no other opportunity to enroll in the courses before graduation. In such circumstances, the Administrative Board may approve reasonable accommodations in consultation with the instructors of the courses involved.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that there is no overlap in the meeting times of their courses. Students who wish to petition the Administrative Board for simultaneous enrollment should work directly with their Resident Dean.

Note: Students pursuing simultaneous enrollment in a Gen Ed course and a non-Gen Ed course must attend the Gen Ed course.