Welcoming Visitors to Courses

The Harvard campus is a place of lively intellectual exchange, and visitors play a crucial role in that. It's our privilege to be able to host a wide array of visitors who hold a wide array of views. Whether you are joining a class, giving a talk, or meeting with colleagues, we hope that your visit will be productive and stimulating.

In order to ensure your visit is safe and smooth, please note the following resources:

Virtual Events:

Hosting heads of state and other dignitaries on campus or via virtual events: invitation protocol and visitor guidenlines as well as in Appendix A of the Marsal's Office Annual Report.

Campus Resources

Finally, Harvard College is committed to building an inclusive community where people from all backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. We ask, therefore, that you treat everyone with respect and that you do not engage in harassment of any kind. See https://handbook.fas.harvard.edu/book/harassment. In particular, we ask that visitors conduct themselves in a professional manner in all interactions with students (both on campus and off) and refrain from any one-on-one activities with undergraduate students in which alcohol is involved. At the same time, we expect that you will be treated with respect by everyone here and we urge you to let us know if that is not the case.