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Classroom To Table has closed for the semester.  Thank you for participating!

Welcome to Classroom to Table: SNACK BOX EDITION! Classroom to Table fosters conversation and academic connection by providing undergraduate students and College faculty the means to get together outside of the classroom, sharing food and conversation. Since we can’t gather in person for a meal this year, we’re inviting students and faculty to gather virtually over a box of snacks, provided by the College. This semester, the College will send snack boxes to participants, and you’ll arrange your gathering for a time that is convenient for all. Classroom to Table snack boxes can find you wherever you are across the globe, making it possible to connect with a little sustenance, an instructor, and your peers no matter what your physical location.

How does it work?

To participate, put together your group, and use our system to provide contact information for every participant (you can find the link here).  A couple of weeks after we’ve approved your request, you’ll receive an email from our partners at, inviting you to visit their website in order to choose your box and provide your mailing information. Snackmagic will send each participant their own customized snack box. Once everyone has their boxes, you can organize your group gathering. It’s that easy!

Please note:

  • REGISTRATION EXTENDED!  Registration for snack box gatherings will be open from February 22 to March 19, or until funds are depleted, whichever happens first.
  • One student should be the organizer for each gathering, and should enter the requested information into the system.
  • Since this is happening in the virtual sphere this semester, we are asking that gatherings be limited to 4-6 participants total: one faculty member each, with three to five undergraduates. Harvard faculty members giving primary instruction in College courses may participate.  Students currently on leave of absence are ineligible for the program this semester.
  • Priority will be given to gatherings involving sophomore and/or internationally-located students.
  • Snackmagic estimates that domestic boxes will arrive 5-10 days after you place your order with them. International boxes may take up to 14 working days to arrive after you place your order with them. Shipping inquiries may be directed to Snackmagic directly.
  • You are responsible for organizing your gathering after you have received your snack box. Please be sure to choose a time that accommodates everyone in your group, and be mindful of zoom fatigue – this doesn’t have to be hours-long. And it doesn’t have to be a mealtime – whenever your group can get together for snacks and conversation is fine. If you are organizing a gathering over multiple time zones, you might find this global meeting planning tool helpful. Note that both Outlook and Slack allow you to schedule across time zones as well. 
  • Boxes have a set limit that does includes fees, taxes, and domestic or international shipping to you. If you choose to order more than the limit, you may charge it to your own credit card. 
  • In order to ensure availability for as many students as possible, our system will only permit you to register for one gathering (either as organizer or participant), although you may join informally in as many gatherings as you like during the semester.  

We will be following up via email to ensure that your gathering takes place, and with a brief survey to find out about your experience.

Thank you for participating in Classroom to Table: Snack Box Edition!