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Classroom to Table is closed for new spring 2022 gathering requests.

May 4: Last day to hold confirmed C2T Restaurant or Coffee Break gatherings.

We will reopen in fall 2022. Check back for details in late September.

We hope you enjoyed your gatherings! 


Welcome to Classroom to Table! C2T offers students and faculty the opportunity to get together outside of the classroom, sharing food and academic conversation. This semester, we are pleased to offer two versions, Coffee Break and our traditional restaurant option. Participants must be the course head of a Harvard College undergraduate course offered this semester, ladder faculty for the College, or a currently enrolled Harvard College undergraduate student.  Students may participate in up to two Coffee Break gatherings, and two restaurant gatherings.  

Coffee Break is open now through the end of Reading Period (May 4), with the system accepting voucher requests through April 27. A faculty member may invite between 2 and 5 students, or a group of 2 to 5 students may invite a faculty member.  We regret that we cannot accommodate larger groups with more faculty member this year.  Once you’ve provided information about your gathering’s participants through our C2T online request tool, everyone will receive an email with a $10 voucher for Pavement Coffee (located in the Smith Center). You’ll schedule your gathering for any location and time that Pavement is open, and then print out your voucher and get together to enjoy coffee and conversation. Vouchers expire on the last day of Reading Period.

Traditional restaurant Classroom to Table is now open for reservations. Group sizes at all locations this semester may be no larger than six, including one faculty member.  We regret that we cannot accommodate larger groups with more faculty member this year.  Reservations are available in the same online system through April 27, with gatherings to be completed by the end of Reading Period (May 4).  Restaurant gatherings may begin taking place the week of March 28 at Russell House Tavern.  Starting April 4, gatherings may take place at Russell House, The Hourly Oyster House, and Grafton Street Pub and Grill (in its new location at the former Park Restaurant location, 59 JFK Street).  Please note that restaurant gatherings, unlike Coffee Break, do require a few days to process and confirm. When requesting your restaurant gathering, we will appreciate your patience and flexibility. Restaurants are emerging from the difficulties of the pandemic, and their hours and availability may vary. If your reservation can’t be accommodated at the location you request, it will be passed to another location. We thank all participants for adhering to the restaurants’ masking and vaccination guidelines.