Independent Study

Independent Study is designed to provide credit for field research, academic study not available in regular course work, or practice or performance in the arts. What distinguishes a suitable project is the application of analytical skills to the object of Independent Study. Any sophomore, junior, or senior whose previous record is satisfactory may petition to undertake Independent Study for non-letter-graded credit. A student may petition to take up to a total of four courses of Independent Study. Independent Study courses are subject to the same rules for dropping and withdrawing as any other course.

Students can find the current petition for Independent Study here. The petition requires the signatures of a qualified adviser and the student’s resident dean, as well as an outline of the student’s proposed project. It must be submitted to the Allston Burr Resident Dean for approval, ordinarily in the first week of the term.

Please email Lisa Laskin, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education at with any questions.