Resources for Concentrations

Concentration information is provided to students through a number of different online and printed publications. 

Fields of Concentration is the official record of all concentration requirements and directs all students in what they must do in order to receive concentration credit. it is overseen by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

The 50 Book is a resource for pre-concentrators in learning about the many concentrations. It is overseen by the Advising Programs Office.

Department websites and handbooks also contain concentration information, but Fields of Concentration is the official record. 

Concentration Changes
Concentrations who are considering making changes to the requirements should be in touch with the Office of Undergraduate Education ( All substantive requirement changes are reviewed by the Standing Committee on Undergraduate Educational Policy (EPC). While changes can be brought to the EPC at any time of the year, changes can only be implemented for the subsequent academic year.

Concentration Reviews 
The Standing Committee on Undergraduate Educational Policy (EPC) invites concentrations to participate in a review periodically. The OUE can provide administrative support to facilitate the review. Generally, Dean Amanda Claybaugh will reach out to concentrations to invite them to participate. If you are interested in a review for your concentration, please be in touch with the Office of Undergraduate Education ( Concentrations may also want to review the "Guiding Questions" which is the foundation for all reviews.