Start of Term Information for Faculty

Spring 2022, Email from Dean Amanda Claybaugh to FAS Faculty: Information for Faculty Teaching this Spring (Harvardkey login required)

Return to Campus When students return to campus, we expect to see a surge in cases and we realize that it may be difficult for instructors to manage large numbers of students in isolation all at the same time. With that in mind, you may use your discretion to teach your course online for the first week of the semester (January 24-28, 2022). Please announce what you will be doing on your Canvas site, so that students know where to find you.  

Academic Continuity After the first week of the semester, all courses should be taught in person, unless the instructor has been granted permission to continue teaching online for medical or pedagogical reasons. We expect that students and instructors will continue to go in and out of isolation and, we ask that you make a plan for how you will maintain academic continuity through these disruptions. To be clear, you are not obliged to offer hybrid instruction (teaching both in-person and online at the same time); other adaptations are likely to be more straightforward and just as effective. Here’s a list of suggestions and the Bok Center has created a more comprehensive guide. We do not expect to see additional surges in isolation cases, but should a significant portion of your students (40% or so) go into isolation at the same time, you may resume online teaching during that period of time if doing so would make pedagogical sense. If you do this, please inform your chair.

Course Registration Proposal The Committee on Registration has proposed that all FAS students register for courses prior to the first day of the semester, with the ability to add and drop courses without restriction for a week after that (you can find more information about this proposal here). This proposal will now be voted on by the Faculty Council and the full FAS Faculty.

Double Concentrations Proposal The Educational Policy Committee has approved a proposal to allow undergraduates to complete two concentrations if they so choose. This proposal will now be voted on by the Faculty Council and the full FAS Faculty.