Course Innovation Funds

In the 2022-23 academic year, the Office of Undergraduate Education will again fund innovative projects in pedagogy, course design, and undergraduate education. Departments and faculty are encouraged to think creatively to propose projects that will have a potentially transformative impact on undergraduate student learning.   Priority will be given to projects that

·         Impact a large population of students;
·         Result in new courses or other long-term changes to the 
          curriculum; and
·         Address diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

We offer two categories of funding:

1)    For proposals involving more than one course or that impact multiple departments, there is no maximum budget for projects the OUE is willing to contribute to.  We are eager to work with you to help shape your project. Please contact Lisa Laskin, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education, ( for a consultation.

2)    For redesigning a single course, OUE normally allocates $3000 to cover the work of a graduate research assistant for 8-10 weeks and research materials. Higher levels of funding can be made available for more ambitious projects.

To apply, please fill out this brief form. Typically, course development work takes place prior to the semester in which the course will be next offered.  We suggest submitting your application at least three months in advance of that semester.  If you anticipate additional work being done during the semester that the course will be offered, please contact Instructional Support ( to discuss a course support allocation, as well. If you have any questions or have a project you’d like to discuss before submitting a funding request, please email us at